Reading Notes: The Divine Archer, Part A

- Sons of Dasaratha are born, Rama is the greatest
- Vishvamitra needs help defeated demons that seek him
- Dasaratha reluctant to let Rama go
- Rama and Lakshmana go to help and once they defeat the demons they go to the kingdom of Janaka.
- The maid of Sita sees the boys in the royal garden
- Tells Sita of the boys
- Sita and Rama fall in love at first sight
- Rama proves strength by breaking bows in front of King Janaka
- Parashurama shows up and demands to know who broke the sacred bow
- Parashurama challenges Rama to string the bow of Vishnu and he easily strung the bow
- Both of these characters are reincarnations of Vishnu
- Dasaratha comes to see Rama get married, and the other four brothers also get married on the same day. They all return to Ayodhya.
- While king Dasaratha plans to make Rama his successor, the evil Servant Manthara manipulates Kaikeyi into thinking that Rama will overthrow her son, she uses one of her wishes promised to her by the king to send Rama into exil…

Reading Notes: Ramayana, Part D

- After upsetting the God of the Ocean, Rama calls upon vanar chief Nala, the divine artisan, so that a bridge can be built from the southern tip of India, to Lanka.
- Ravana tries to use his powers of illusion to trick Sita into thinking Rama is dead
- Indrajit injures the army with a naga-weapon (serpent weapon) and Garuda comes to heal the army since he is the enemy of serpents.
- Kumbhakarna, Ravana's brother, the mightiest demon, defeated Hanuman, captured Sugriva, but was slain by Rama and fell into the ocean.
- Indrajit had another devastating attack, then Hanuman lifts up an entire mountain and brings it to Lanka for the life-giving herbs.
- Indrajit tries to trick Rama into thinking he has slain Sita, but Vibhishana explains that it it just an illusion.
- Vibhishana also tells Rama about Nikumbhila, a sacred place in Lanka that will allow them to defeat Indrajit.
- Lakshmana slays Indrajit
- Ravana went to slay Sita, but the dames concealed her saying he should not taint …

Reading Notes: Ramayana, Part C

- Sugriva sees the brothers coming and is alarmed because he thinks they are after him
- He asks Hanuman to disguise himself to go see what they wanted
- Hanuman promised to help them find Sita and took them to Sugriva
- Sugriva tells Rama his story, and Rama agrees to help him
- Tara, Vali's wife begs him not to fight Sugriva knowing that he is with Rama, but he denies and goes to fight them.
- Vali starts to fight Sugriva, but is killed by Rama who ambushed him from a bush where Vali could not see him.
- Tara and Sugriva morn of Vali's death. As do all the monkeys of the kingdom.
- Sugriva becomes king
- After Sugriva becomes king, he agrees to help Rama find Sita, but they have to wait until the Rainy season is over. Since Rama cannot enter a city, he waits in the forest but becomes impatient.
- The rainy season ends, but Rama is upset the Sugriva isn't taking any action.
- Lakshmana goes to remind Sugriva the promises he made to Rama, so he sends 4 armies of monkeys an…

Reading Notes: Ramayana, Part B

- Bharata finds out Manthara was the cause of his dad and elder brother being gone
- A funeral is held for Dasharatha
- Bharata meets Rama and tells him to take his place as the Raj
- Bharata gives Rama sandals decked in gold, but he doesn't accept them
- Anasuya mothers Sita
- Viradha, a demon, abducts Sita and he cannot be hurt by sharp weapons
- A spell connects the demon to Rama
- Rama finds another sage in the forest that goes by the name Agastya
- He receives weapons from the sage but refuses to stay with him, and goes further into the forest.
- The sister of the demon king Ravana, Shurpanakha, fell in love with Rama.
- Rama didn't return the feelings
- Proposed that she goes after his brother
- She doesn't like being laughed at and rejected, so she attacks and tells her brother Khara
- Khara orders 14 demons to go kill the three, but the destroy them with celestial weapons, so he orders 14 thousand instead.
- Rama orders his brother to go hide in a cave with Sita wh…

Reading Notes: Ramayana, Part A

Two Kingdoms:
1) Koshala, ruled by Dasharatha (father of Rama).
2) Mithila, ruled by Janaka (father of Sita).

- Capital of Koshala was Ayodhya (very grand, noble place)
- Dasharatha (Solar Race) dwelt in palace that was well guarded
- Two family priests: Vashishtha and Vamadeva
- Dasharatha's three queens: Kaushalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra.

- Dasharatha wanted to perform the Ashwamedha (horse sacrifice) so the gods would grant him an heir that would perpetuate his race (solar race).
- Horse let loose on the night of a full moon during the month of Choitro.
- A brahmin followed the horse, and after wandering for a year, the horse returned.
- Many rajahs (rulers) attended the ceremony which took place on the bank of the Sarayu river.
- Kaushalya (chief queen) slew the horse, and brahmins chanted mantras.
- The other queens sat beside the horse and gave portions of the flesh to the fire.
- The gods promised four sons would be born to Dasharatha.

- Vishnu declared that he would divide h…

Feedback Thoughts

The first article I read of the ones that were given to us was Seven Ways to Crush Self-Doubt. There have been many times where I wanted to do something, but I just couldn't get myself to do it because I didn't think I would be able to do it right, or at least do it good enough. I've always held myself at a standard, and if I think that I won't be able to do something good enough, then I don't do it. The reason I enjoyed this article is because it explains that this type of self-doubt crushes your confidence, and its just a domino effect from there. The seven tips given in this article are, in my opinion, great steps in getting rid of self-doubt. I have already bookmarked it, and will be using it throughout this semester when I start to feel like I can't do something. No one is perfect, and no one expects us to be. Just do it!

The second article that I chose to read was A Fixed Mindset Could Be Holding You Back. I've always found myself not liking something…

Project Topic Brainstorm

The first topic that I would consider doing my project over would definitely be the Hindu deities. I've always found gods/goddesses an interesting topic in every context. If a were to do a project over this topic, I would look for something that involves at least a few of them. Writing about all of them seems to difficult, but I feel like writing about just one wouldn't be as interesting. A story that seems promising to me is Tales of Durga. This story seems to have many important characters, but not too many, so it would be a good model for me to go off of. I would like to learn more about how the gods relate to each other, and what their specific stories are.

Then, the next topic that comes to mind to use for the project would be karma. Using karma as a topic would allow me to have a lot of action and plot twists in my story which is something I enjoy. I like when the choices a character makes in a story effect them down the road (whether it be good or bad). I like the idea …