Week 12 Story: Demon of a Hundred Faces

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There was a blind King, who had a wife. This wife was so dedicated to her husband, that she thought it was only fair, if she yielded her sight for the rest of her life. The kingdom was happy for the two, because it had been a very long time since the kingdom had, had a King and Queen. The King had two brothers, and they worked for their brother in different ways. When it came to Pandu, who had two wives he tended to the Kings army. Pandu was a little upset with the King because he wanted the thrown, but the oldest son always gets to be king first.

Pandu had to stay away from the kingdom for when he had went away for awhile with his two wives, he made a mistake that got him cursed for eternity. Ashamed of this, Pandu refused to go back. They stayed out there and during this time had five sons. The Queen had heard the news that Pandu now had five sons and that raised fear between the King and Queen, they knew they needed to have a son very soon so Pandu's sons would n…

Reading Notes: Epified Mahabharata, Part B

- Gounti (one of Pandu's wives) had been adopted by a king everyone feared but her.
- When she had to leave he whispered a gift into her ear to be able to call upon any God.
- She called out to the son, and was given a baby. She could not keep this baby so she put him in a basket and down the river he went.
- Pandu and his wives go out to the woods to have quality time.
- During a hunt of Pandu's he hits a couple making love in a bush and becomes cursed, a curse that will kill him if he becomes intimate with a woman.
- Gounti tells Pandu of her secret to udder the word that will bring a God and a son for her to have.
- Gounti gives Pandu 5 sons.
- One day Pandu cracks and forces himself om Marguerite and dies. When he is cremated Marge joins him.
- Gounti cannot stand to be in there anymore and takes her 5 sons, and leaves.
- The blind wife and King are trying to have a 100 sons.
- When the blind wife gives birth its just a huge lump of flesh.
- The king puts them in a 100 vas…

Reading Notes: Epified Mahabharata, Part A

- A king marries a water goddess but can never question her.
- They live happily until they have a child and she drowns it, and does this with the next 6.
- The king does not say anything until the 8th son. She explains and leaves him and takes their last son.
- The kings long lost son returns and he is mighty,
- The king brings back his son to show everyone what mighty prince they have.
- The king falls in love with a fishermans daughter and asks to marry her but she said no because her sons would never be kings because of his son that he already has.
- The king returns heart broken and it is noticeable so the son decides to go back down and reason with the fishermans daughter.
- The fishermen still refuses to allow it because the kings son could have children in the future.
- The kings son makes an oath to never marry and have kings, he take the women to his father.
- The father feels like his kingdom is doomed and lets his son decide his faith, giving him a boon.
- The king has two…

Week 11 Story: The Enemies of Flight

Once upon a time there was a fight to be king. This fight was not among the humans, the beast, or the fish, but of the birds. Everyone had decided on a king for their groups... besides the birds. This appeared to not be as much of an easy task as what they thought it was going to be. This is how the fight for king begins.

The birds decided to have a sit down and discuss who would become the king of them. The two running candidates were owl and crow. There could only be one. Since not all of the birds had come to an agreement, they decided to put in a tally of votes. They had lots of votes for both but it came down to crow winning by ONE vote. This upset the owl so much that he flew up and said, "No slimy crow will rule over me!" After hearing this statement, the crow became very angry and flew up to defend himself. The owl was paying close attention and dodged the crow and they flew off chasing one another. Once the birds had seen such behavior from the owl and crow, they de…

Reading Notes: Babbitt. Jataka Tales, Part B

- Two different merchants trying to sell goods and were both ready at the same time.
- one merchant, who goes first is tricked by demons out in the desert.
- The second merchant is wise, and realizes the men are demons and out smarts the demons.
- There is an elephant, who is always good and would never hurt anyone. "Girly-Face"
- Some robbers talk where the elephant can hear the bad talk and starts acting out killing people.
- The king send someone who figures out what happens, fixes the situation, and it all stops.
- A king likes to hunt deer. So they make a park for the deer and shut them in there.
- Everyday the king or the cook comes to kill them. The two deer kings make a pack.
- One deer at a time from each of the two king deer's herds will go.
- Lands on a mothering deer and the deer king shows mercy.
- This mercy keeps the king from ever killing another single deer.
- A king has 3 suns. He tells his wife that when the third son is born he will give her a boon.

Reading Notes: Babbitt. Jataka Tales, Part A

- A crocodile is asked by his mother for a monkeys heart.
- The crocodile tries to drown the monkey but is fooled by the monkey.
- The monkey uses a rock to get from point A to B and out smarts the crocodile again.
-  The kings sons believe the turtle is a demon in their lake.
- They plan to kill the turtle but the turtle convinces them to "kill him" by returning him back to the lake.
-  A granddaughter wants to trade a bowl for something one of the merchants are selling.
- A greedy merchant realizes the old bowl is gold and wants to try to get it for free.
- Another merchant realizes it is gold and gives them everything he owns for the gold bowl.
- The greedy merchant comes back for it but it is too late.
- two geese, friends of a turtle want to take a talkative turtle to their beautiful home.
- They take the turtle by stick and say he must not speak.
- He heard children speaking on them, opened his mouth and fell to his death.
- A man owned an ox and said he would pay a th…

Week 10 Story: The Brothers' Betrayal

Once upon a time, King Konnar, who ruled the goose kingdom, had two wives. It was not the usual marriages seen in the kingdom. The king had married a beautiful goose and an astonishing crow. The king had fallen in love with both of them, and did not want to have to choose who he married. Since he was the king he married both, and the goose wife lived in the kingdom with him and his crow wife lived at the haunting hill.

Between these two places was a large lake that divided them. The crows who lived at Haunting hill only ate trash and other dead animals. Soon after the marriages, the goose wife laid three huge golden eggs and took pride in them. Meanwhile, the crow wife laid one feeble egg. The wives both wondered whose eggs would hatch first and Konnar had been notified that his wife in haunting hill had an egg just hatch! Konnar excitedly flew to be by his wife's side, when he saw his first born son he was disgusted. The king said, "This is not my royal son! he looks nothing…